Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Be The Change (A Poem for Parents of Teens)

When your child grows up before your eyes, And all of a sudden it’s a huge surprise
to hear the dilemmas in your child’s day to day; peer pressure, drugs, sex, hormones here to stay.
Drama at school, in the home, on the net, emotional roller coaster not 16 yrs yet!
Your head begins spinning like a merry go round, one minute they’re up – the next second they’re down.
They want your advice, then tell you it’s dumb, say Thank-you for caring, now get lost we’re done.
One minute independent, next second back to kid – one minute your friends, then wonder what you did?
So, when you’re ready to scream and pull your hair out - Try tapping instead and tune into your doubt.
Tap on the frustrations of having a teen, and soon you will shift from the anger you’ve seen.
Tap on your own stuff, your reactions and ire, your own stress levels only fuel the fire.
Then tap on ‘not taking it personally’ cause it’s not about you, it’s not about me.
Tap on the different perceptions between, the communication of an adult and teen.
And when you feel calm and serene once more and your teen comes barrelling through the door
Let them know you are here and will listen and Care, don’t mind the alien looks or the stares.
They may think you’ve lost it for a minute or two, but so what; hey, they are listening to you!
They’re your child and they will hear what you say, even if it doesn’t seem like it today.
Your words are more powerful than you realize, so tell them you love them without compromise!
Be the person you want your teen to be, be the change you wish to see!

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  1. I love this Jayne. You are sooo right about all this stuff. Kind of have a tear in my eye...